Trash Speaking

Experiencing the Internet of Things with ELIOT inspired by Technobel !

If today internet has changed our daily habits, the Internet of Things is going to revolutionize our lives! The advent of connected objects announced, indeed, the fourth industrial revolution !

Trash Speaking makes the City smarter !

The concept of smart cities flourish throughout the world although it is still no unanimous definition to describe them. The European Parliament proposes in its definition to retain the following elements: « a smart city is a city seeking to approach public problems through technology solutions. » This is what ELIOT inspired by Technobel program attempted to practice in its « Trash Speaking » project.

The basic question is simple : how to improve waste management in our urban and rural areas ? It will not have taken longer than a hackathon to provide a relevant and feasible response. Simply by designing connected bins able to detect their filling level and to emit a signal once they consider themselves fulfilled. This signal is then recovered from the « Trash Speaking » system that informs real-time garbage collection services while generating optimized pickup routes.

So thanks to these routes, only the filled bins will now be emptied by the public services concerned. The optimization of this task by the « Trash Speaking » system brings many benefits to cities, now smarter :

  • Increased efficiency of garbage services
  • A reduction of working time allocated to this task
  • A financial economy
  • An increase in the cleanliness of the streets and public places
  • An increase in satisfaction of residents
  • ...

Together ThingsPlay & Technobel give life to the project « Trash Speaking » !


Method of implementation

Supported by network technologies as LoRa, the « Trash Speaking » system is able to function independently due to its low energy consumption. With its success and especially with the Citizens of Wallonia Hackathon victory in 2016, the connected system « Trash Speaking » is now waiting to move to its industrialization phase. This new stage will be launched through the partnership developed with ThingsPlay company based in Namur and specialized in the development and monitoring of connected solutions.

ELIOT inspired by Technobel

Through the ELIOT project, Technobel aims to make the Internet of Thing easier to reach for all ! Thanks to ELIOT you will understand technological principles related to the Internet of Things through trainings, practical workshops and seminars. Technobel as a « Centre de compétence » specialized in ICT will help you to not miss the train of the digital revolution !


The mission of the young company created in July 2014 is to provide to the industry agile and innovative technological tools related to the Internet of Things. After several years of research and development ThingsPlay has developed technological solutions and IT management platforms for connected devices.





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